Rental Property Insurance

Many people choose to buy properties in Florida for rental income and based on how the property is titled and used ( long or short term rental ) those circumstances would determine what kind of coverage they would need. In addition there are a number of extensions, and endorsements of coverage that address the exposures of a Rental Property Policy.

The Following are Normal Coverages for Rental Properties

  • Dwelling (the home) (condo)
  • Contents (your personal belongings, yes, even in rental properties you will need to cover the appliances and any other personal belongings in the home)
  • Other Structures (sheds, detached garages, etc …)
  • Loss of Rents (if you cannot rent your property due to a covered loss)
  • Personal Liability (for accident/injury or property damage to others)
  • Medical Payments (expenses for non-family members injured while visiting)

We can help you by customizing a policy to match your needs for any of your rental properties, providing the best options available to protect you and your investment.